Susan Sontag




Irine and Rebecca are two best friends since kindergarten.

They are now living and working in Germany for years.

As a person, they have just two different heads.


Irine is a camera and motion designer, and sometimes a photographer for wedding, events and magazines.

Irine’s hobbies are walking, cycling, and likes to be very adventurous!

She also likes classical vintage fashion and motor vehicles from the 1950’s and 60’s era. She passionately likes to play music on various instruments that she owns i.e., guitars, piano and violin along with other instruments too. 


Rebecca did reside in Japan for a while pursuing her studies, until she was offered employment in Germany back in 2013, this brought her once again to cross oceans and terrain, where she is now working as a chemical researcher (Mad Professor, joke) in one of Berlin’s universities. This brought Irine and Rebecca back together once again in the same country continuing their long term friendship.

Rebecca’s hobbies are country walks, breathing in the fresh air and exploring around the forests of Germany for relaxation, as well as visiting various museums in order to feed her passion and further her knowledge.




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