Herzlich Willkommen in Berlin

Our home Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany. Around one-third of the city's area is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media and science. The metropolis is a popular tourist destination. Modern Berlin is home to world renowned universities, orchestras, museums, entertainment venues and is host to many sporting events. Its urban setting has made it a sought-after location for international film productions. The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts and a high quality of living. Over the last decade Berlin has seen the emergence of a cosmopolitan entrepreneurial scene.

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I could say Berlin in my hometown. I feel at home here. Berlin does not where the people come from, what language they speak, what cuisine they prefer, religious or atheist, gay or straight. Berlin is not only home for me, I believe many foreigners come here and call it as their home as well. This city is unique, its vibes and way  of living are special, differs from rest part of Germany. 

In my daily life, it is common for me to hear people on the street talk in foreign languages, sometimes I count it, usually more than five foreign languages I could hear per day. Dining in Berlin also special, I coud easily find any kind of cuisine from all over the world. Never get bored by the options I have here. 



Berlin thru seasons

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There are many things I could tell you about Berlin. I give you here a short picture of how enjoy Berlin throughout the year, from spring to winter. Visit Berlin official Website for the latest info. 




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