Copenhagen, the beauty of the nord 

Copenhagen and its beauty brought me there for a short weekend get away this summer. The weather was not that great but stilll I could had some fun while stayed there. For an accomodation this time I chose Airbnb, the only reason is because Copenhagen's price is quite pricy. My first ever experience using Airbnb was really good and definitely is a great option if you visit Scandinavian countries. Another advantage of using Airbnb is you can use the kitchen and cook meal yourself, another way of saving Krones. One restaurant I tried and served sensational Nordic cuisines is named Höst, dare to try their signature menu! 

Amalienborg is the home of the Danish royal family and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Spot the beautiful green dome at the center of the castle, it is Frederik's Church or Frederiks Kirke, popularly known as The Marble Church (Marmorkirken). The royal famiy is probably somewhere enjoy their summer vacation, known by no flag is raised at the top of the castle. 
The Little Mermaid statue based on the famous fairy tale by Danish autor, Hans Christian Andersen. 
Papiroen is an island in Copenhagen, it is a center of city's first street food, they have a variety range of foods from all over the world. The price is reasonable since Copenhagen is quite pricy in general. It is worth to try and if the sun is shine, enjoy your meal by the shore.
Copenhagen by water - heading to Nyvahn and join a canal tour, it is a must thing to do while you are in Copenhagen. Top picture is Holmen naval base and the below is a picture of Copenhagen Opera House on the right side and Skuespilhuset on the left side. 
Copenhagen City Hall (Radhus) - do not miss this building found in the center of City Hall Square and join a tour to the top of the City Hall Tower for a bird-eye view of the city.