Everyone knows Venice, read about it, dream about it but perhaps not many know Burano and Murano, two small islands in Venetian lagoons, which coud blow your mind away. If you plan to visit Venice next time, take a day tour to visit these two islands. There are some tours available or just simply use 'vaporetto' or water taxi to reach the islands. You could expect fascinating colored houses as well as its famous lacecrafts in Burano. Experience the beauty of Venetian's art of making glass in Murano. There are much more to see and to taste! More info click here

Boat excursion to Burano island

You could take a boat tour or simply hop on a 'vaporetti' and take a stroll by yourself in the island. I did not take a tour to Burano, simply purchased the daily pass transportation ticket.


Lacemaking in Burano is the main craftsmanship attraction.

Burano's famous colored house

There is nothing wrong to have a pinky house if you live in Burano.

Once was a fishermen village

Burano is known for its small, brightly painted houses. It said that the bright colors helped the fishermen to find their way back home in a thick fog.

Every house has its own story

If someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government.

My favorite house

This is one of my favorites in Burano, the color reminds me of Santorini in Greece.

Porta Boreana

The name "Burano" arise from "Porta Boreana", the northern door of the city.

Burano's houses

The typical Burano's houses are mainly squared-shaped and are divided into two or three floors.

The Burano's Leaning Bell Towe

Built in the seventeenth century, the leaning tower has a square shape and Renaissance and neoclassical architectural features.

Eating in Burano

Squid ink pasta or Pasta al nero di seppia, Believed to have originated in Sicily. It tastes yummy, believe me. You should try!

Baby lobster for lunch

Burano's main dish is seafood, try to sample as much as you could. This is one is definitely made my day.

Murano island

Murano glass is one of the island's famous crafts. It is definitely worth to visit.

East meet west

I did enjoy Venetian's architectures which mixes with Arab influences.

Sunset in Venice

A beautiful sunset as I headed back to Venice from an amazing day trip to Murano & Burano.