Can you guess it? Some might say, 'Nuremberg' and some might say, 'Nürnberg'. All of you are correct! It's the same city we are talking about. 

My short visit to this city was amazing! I love the fact that the city is so old and unforgetable. Its charm makes me want to go back as soon as possible.

It's excited me so much to be in Bavaria or Bayern for the first time! Ok, but first let make this clear, is it Nuremberg or Nürnberg? Is Nuremberg in Bavaria or Bayern? It's both correct, depends on which language you use. In English, you might want to call the city as Nuremberg, which is situated in Bavaria. 




The   Nurnberger Rostbratwurst 

I know you are hungry. Bratwurst or grill sausages is so typical German. Rostbratwurst from Nuremberg is not only 'normaly' grill sausage, it prepared traditionally using wood-fire grill. Typically enjoyed with horseradish or mustard. You could also buy three sausages in a bun, it's a kind of Nuremberger street food, they call it Drei im Weggla. 


Why I love this unique little sausage so much? It has a distinct flavor of marjoram, it's some kind of oregano. Besides its size is very handy. 

The Old Town Tour

Click on the photo to make it biggy... oh I mean, bigger. 

It's impossible for me to enjoy my visit to a place without knowing anything about it. I am curious of how the city was develop, who ruled in the past, what is its urban legend, etc.

I do some research usually before visiting but the ultimate thing to do when the weather is not too stormy is join a guided walking tour with the local. No one knows the city better than them!

The Old Town or Altstadt usually has so much to tell, it became a city center for a reason. For more info about the tour, just visit the Tourist Information Offices at the Hauptmarkt or go online: here

The best way to enjoy & discover Nuremberg

This is the best tips I can tell you of how I enjoyed my short visit in Nuremberg: NÜRNBERGCARD! 

The reasons why this blue card with Jesus' face on it is so convenient because... oh sorry it's Albrecht Dürer's face, not Jesus!

This card valid for two days and it includes: 

√  FREE ADMISSION to ALL museums & attractions

√  FREE TRAVEL on ALL public transport services within the entire region of Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein (Zone A)

√  € 25 € only (price 2017)!

Info click here!

The Imperial Castle  Nuremberg

The Imperial Castle is the symbol of Nuremberg. Since the Middle Ages its silhouette has represented the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the outstanding role of the imperial city of Nuremberg.

Do not forget to climb up tp the Sinwell Tower! Enjoy the view of Nuremberg!

The admission for aduts is €7 but with Nürenberg Card it is free!

More info click here!

Toy Museum

Nuremberg was once the center of toy industries, up until now it still play crucial roles in toy's history. The long history back to medieval time when the city was famous of the doll makers.


I was too busy enjoying the exhibitions and not taking too many pictures. 

This museum is definitely muss visit! You are never too old for toys!

Admission price for adults is €5 but with Nürenberg Card it is free!

More info here!

Click  on the photo to make it bigger! 

History of the railway in Germany

The German railways were born in Nuremberg on 1835, the first journey was between Nuremberg and Fürth. The locomotive itself was not built by the Germans, instead by the British. They named it 'Adler', means 'Eagle'. It was the first commercial locomotive in German history, not to be confused with the one earlier made in Berlin, Prussia on 1816. 

If you are not interested on history, this place is still worth a visit. Besides who does not like trains? 

Admission price for adults is €6, free admission with Nürnberg Card!

More info here!

Click on the photo, then say 'Simsalabim Abrakadabra'... then it goes bigger! 

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

This museum is huge and very impressive. They have collections dedicated to cultural history of German-speaking regions. Among the highlights are masterpieces by Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt. 


Ma favorite parts are the collection of scientific instruments and prehistory & ancient history.

I spent two and a half hours on this museum but sadly was not enough, guess I will return sometime later. 

Admission price for adults is €8, by using Nürnberg Card is free of charge!

More info and opening times click here

... and some other tips!

At the end of my visit, I visited Handwerkerhof Nürnberg at Königstor.

'The little village in the heart of Nuremberg' offers traditional handicrafts and Franconian specialities in beautiful, half-timbered houses. It is located right in front of Hauptbahnhof. 

I bought myself the famous Nürnberger Lebkuchen aka Nuremberger gingerbread. 

It tastes good and also a very nice idea of souvenir!




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