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Milan is about top and latest trend in fashion but there is more than just spending your time strolling around the shops. There is Milan's famous landmark, Duomo di Milano, take a tour or climb to its rooftop for an amazing view. Sforza castle also worth a visit, it is located at north-west of Duomo and takes around 15 minutes by foot. Just outside the castle you wil find a beautiful Park Sempione. Take the old yellow Milan's tram and heading to Navigli, enjoy the cafes along Milan's canal.

Duomo di Milano
Iconic gothic style church of Milan is the largest cathedral in Italy. It took six centuries to finished the magnificent piece of art.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
This is one of the world's oldest shopping mall dated to 19th century and named after Victorio Emmanuel II, the first king of Kingdom of Italy.
Porta Sempione
A city gate of Milan, is marked by a landmark triumphal arch called Arco della Pace ("Arch of Peace"), dating back to the 19th century, although its origins can be traced back to a gate of the Roman walls of Milan.
Sforza Castle
It is a castle in Milan, northern Italy. It was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.
Old tram in Milan
This old dude (Series 1500) is my favorite, it looks incredible from outside and inside. You do not need special ticket for the ride, just a city transportation ticket.
Sunset at Navigli district
This district located in southern part of the city. With its great bars and boutiques, the Navigli is one of our favorite areas in Milan.
The Maestro
One of the greatest and the most influent man ever lived on Earth, Leonardo da Vinci, you could witness his master pieces and remarkable works in Milan.
The most delicious food in the world
Who does not like pizza? Italy has conquered the world through its cuisine and pizza should be listed on the top list. How about some topping as buffalo mozarella, artichokes and anchovy?
When travel to Italy, eat as much as possible.
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