Oslo in early autumn was a refreshing moment I had although it was colder than Berlin but I did enjoy my first experience in one of Scandinavia countries. It was a cheap option by Ryanair, sadly now they do not have Berlin-Oslo flight route anymore. Since my flight was quite late and it landed in Moss Airport, I found myself a place to crush nearby Moss, a southern city from Oslo. 

Water, clear water everywhere you lie your eyes.
There was marathon competitions in the city center, both for adult and kids, which was very fun to watch. 
Oslo University's open house held on the same day as the marathon. Oslo was so busy back at that day. I enjoyed short conversations with those scientists and tried first touch on some brains, reminds me of my favorite zombies serie in Netflix. 
Oslo Astrological Clock situated in city center, what made this clock is special is the 22 carat gold-leaf coated on it. Beautiful, isn't it?
Cycling around Moss, Norway
Norway fjord by water - I decided to tried a boat trip across Ostfold and Vestfold, from Moss to a city named Horten. I passed by Norway's famous prison, Bastøy. It is well known as the best place on earth to be locked up, the best and nicest prison in the world, they said. 
Will back soon to this amazing place on Earth!