Yes, Paris is the city for lovers but for solo travelers this city is also ideal. It is not very large, and it is easy to navigate, with great public transportation so you can get places quickly and safely. It’s not hard to find a decent hotel where you can base yourself and there are restaurants and cafés on every corner.

Start your day at the corner café with a “café crème” and a croissant, while you look though “Le Parisienne.” (French is surprisingly easy to read – many of English words are based upon French.)

Then begin your day of sightseeing. You could choose to visit any of the amazing museums (my favorite is the Musée du Louvre) or to wander through one of the lovely neighborhoods, like the Left Bank or the Marais.

At lunch, find a little bistro, and order something off the menu on the wall. Continue your day by spending some time in one of the gorgeous parks, such as the Tuileries or Luxembourg Gardens, and take in the beauty around you.

And you can always stop in a café, order a coffee (it’s very inexpensive) and people watch. In fact, they are set up for exactly this, with chairs facing the street. Unlike the German “grab and go” culture, the French take the time to sit and enjoy their coffee – which is a perfect way for the solo traveler to relax and observe the culture.


​I was once there to celebrating New Year's Eve. 

Official Firework shows have been all but absent in Paris on the 31st in recent years, so you unfortunately shouldn't get your hopes up for seeing any on the skyline for New Year's eve. You'll probably see a few small ones launched by private groups, however. 


Paris is safe in most areas.

English speakers easy to find

Easy to navigate by transit or car

Similar Culture to North America or Western Europe