Fact :

      located in the central Mediterranean Sea

      has the tallest active volcano in Europe; Mount Etna

      has beautiful small towns

      has the best foods

Start the day in Catania.

Arrived at the Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, pick up the rent car at the airport, driving up north to Milazzo.

sunrise in Catania

Stranded at  Torre Archirafi

Found the first Foccacia in the island.

Tips : rent a Fiat Panda or any other small car, because the towns have small roads

Stop by Taormina

Taormina is my second favourite stop after Aeolian Islands. Situated on a hill overlooking the Gulf ofNaxos

To the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are nestled in between the mainland of Italy and the island of Sicily.

To go there, you can either with ferries or hydrofoils boats, and check the schedule hier.

There are several islands in Aeolian Islands, the largest is Lipari island. The other islands include VulcanoSalina,  StromboliFilicudiAlicudiPanarea and Basiluzzo.

"I was lucky to see dolphins in the ocean on sunset, it was surreal!"

Lipari Island

The island has a surface area of 37.6 square kilometres, so you could driving around the island with a scooter in 3 hours.

Rent a scooter for €25 a day.

Full tank gasoline €5 (enough for driving around the island)

Tips : restaurants are expensive on the islands, its better to bring food from the mainland.

Clue: I know it's expensive to eat at the restaurants, but WHO CARES?? The Sicilians cook really good!! And try all the seafood, they're all crazy!

White Beach

Most of the beaches in Lipari are rock beach, so you need to put your flip flop on to walk on the beaches. But the water are clear you could see fish swimming.


(n) Someone who loves the sea, ocean; a lover of the ocean


Vulcano Island

Marina Corta

Rent a boat at the port :Marina Corta.

No driving license needed for a boat with 40 horse power.


Aegadian Islands

Favignana is the largest and most important of the Aegadian Islands, three islands off the western coast of Sicily.


Scala dei Turchi

Southern coast of Sicily hides a one of a kind treasure, the white cliffs of Scala dei Turchi, located near the Realmonte village. White rocks emerge out of the sapphire blue sea to form a natural wonder you cannot miss when you travel to the Mediterranean’s biggest island. The attraction is free of charge and you can climb the cliffs yourselves and spend there as much time as you wish. I highly recommend visiting the place at sunrise or sundown as the colours of the sky make the view even more breathtaking!


The whole of the old town is steeped in history, mainly in the Baroque style. This makes for very narrow streets, with tight corners and lots of obstacles to negotiate




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